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Breder Suasso, the obvious solution for an International account with MasterCard

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breder suasso

Since almost all financial institutions of large international centers have gradually refocused their activities on the only very high level of asset management, so their foreign clients with a smaller fortune had to turn to FinTechs and other payment providers.

This is how Breder Suasso got an opportunity to establish itself as a key financial services provider in the international accounts and payment cards market.

Breder Suasso, a Financial Service Provider offers the advantage of allowing swift and secure international transfers but also MasterCard payment cards.

What is Breder Suasso ?

Just like many financial services providers, Breder Suasso provides an account on which you may send and receive funds. However, what makes Breder Suasso different from its contemporaries is the significant advantage it offers through its MasterCard.

With the growth in globalisation, world has shrunk, businesses have grown out to reach multiple countries and with the help of growing innovations in technologies, cashless transactions have increased manifold.

This is where Breder Suasso helps connecting different businesses and also different families.

With a Breder Suasso account funds can easily be transferred and accounts can be monitored through computers/mobile phones. Moreover, the Mastercard of Breder Suasso card is widely accepted as a method of payment.

Now parents give their children a card when they go to school or to day camp in summertime. Having an account at Breder Suasso is allowing you to order multiple cards for your family or employees. Consider cards like cash and you can get several as long as you meet the KYC (Know Your Customer) conditions and Anti-Money laundering rules.

Breder Suasso fills the void made when large financial institutions decided to avoid dealing with ‘modest’ foreign customers.

This change in commercial policy was a good business that comes to other financial services providers who have the expertise to serve clients from all around the world.

Just as many MasterCard as you need

Breder Suasso MasterCard

Breder Suasso MasterCard

Otherwise you will never so easily get a box of as many as 100 cards. If you have a company with 100 employees and need to grant them company’s expense, let’s say that you hire 100 trucks drivers or have sales people travelling the world, you may simply order as many cards as you want and let them have them. It is important to note here that you will be required to go through a stringent KYC process and the compliance team at Breder Suasso must be convinced that your use of these cards will be totally legitimate.

Some client uses MasterCard issued by Breder Suasso for expenses, bonuses, but everyone has their own reason and idea how to use them. Just Imagine how long would a classic bank need to give you an extra card ?

“I use Breder Suasso cards for each employee who goes in a business trip, we can load the card 24/7 and handle it to him, it’s really faster than waiting for a bank transfer” said Julia from Logic Software Development LLC

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