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Can You Use a Deed of Trust for European Companies and Remain Anonymous ?

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The Deed of Trust, offering the ability to hold shares or parts by a shareholder nominee or Trust does not exist in Polish, Hungarian, Latvia or Lithuania law nor in many other European countries where the local law does not provide for the holding of shares for the account of a third party. In this case, how can one incorporate anonymously in these countries?

Solution: Create a Holding Company in London and hold the shares by a Trust

The solution is to shift and reassemble the Deed of Trust to another level. If the local law does not permit it to be done in Riga, Warsaw, Vilnius or Budapest, then establish a holding company in London to own these shares.

The shares of the English company will be held by a Deed of Trust (trust agreement) for the benefit of the customer.

Thus, in going back one level, it is no longer the shares of the Latvian or Lithuanian company that belong to the Trust (Nominee) but the shares of the English company.

Reminder: the Deed of Trust, is a trust agreement based on English or Anglo-Saxon law observed by the countries operating under British Common-Law, such as Hong Kong, Great Britain, Cyprus, Malta, Jersey, Luxembourg, Switzerland and all of the usual Offshore places. This act or contract stipulates that a Trustee or Nominee holds shares or other assets for the account of a client.


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