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Company Formation: Our Fees

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Forming an offshore company requires a sound understanding of your chosen jurisidiction. Not all territories have the same legal framework, tax systems and benefits. Feel free to get in touch and we will be pleased to offer our time and expertise to understand your needs.

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Jurisdictions Incorporation fees Annual Renewal
United Kingdom United Kingdom 1 600 € 960 €
Belize Belize 3 800 € 2 900 €
Cyprus Cyprus 2 800 € 1 680 €
Hong Kong Hong Kong 2 600 € 1 560 €
Delaware Delaware 1 200 € 720 €
Panama Panama 1 400 € 840 €
BVI B.V.I 1 500 € 900 €
Seychelles Seychelles 1 750 € 900 €
Gibraltar Gibraltar 3 400 € 2 040 €
Poland Poland 4 500 € 3 100 €
Romanie Romania 4 800 € 1 630 €
Jurisdictions Incorporation fees Annual Renewal
Switzerland Switzerland 12 400 € 11 000 €
Canada Canada 3 400 € 2 040 €
Latvia Latvia 3 500 € 2 100 €
Luxembourg Luxembourg 12 800 € 7 680 €
Malta Malta 4 960 € 1 900 €
Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah 3 800 € 2 850 €
Dubai Dubai 5 200 € 3 200 €
Mauritius Mauritius 2 900 € 1 740 €
Singapore Singapore 4 250 € 3 230 €
Ireland Ireland 2 560 € 1 350 €

Additional services

Nominee Director 360 € Nominee Shareholder 360 €
Notary Certificate 250 € Apostille 120 €
Express account opening guaranteed 7 days 580 € Registration address (Annual) 480 €
Bank account opening for shelf company 1 100 € Private bank account opening 750 €
Nominee Director 360 €
Notary Certificate 250 €
Express account opening guaranteed 7 days 580 €
Regular account opening 200 €
Nominee Shareholder 360 €
Apostille 120 €
Registration address (Annual) 480 €
Vip Follow up package with 4 face to face meetings 2 300 €

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When forming an offshore company to benefit from a favourable tax environment and to develop your business it is important to be well-informed about your chosen country. Not all countries have the same legal system and benefits and it is important to make the right choices, such as between onshore and offshore companies and between self-managed and professional managed companies.

We also have companies which are already incorporated but which have never traded (see our page on ready-made companies).

The various options for the formation of offshore and onshore companies and additional services (such as nominee Director, designated shareholder, “apostille” certification, etc.) are listed in our rates.

Why Form an Offshore Company? And How?

The establishment of an offshore company is perfectly legal and complies with decree 92.521 (11th EU Directive 99/666/CE), which applies as international law. An offshore company can therefore be created by anyone wishing to do so.

« Any natural or legal person resident in the European Community has the right to create a company in the country of his choice without the need to reside there for tax purposes […] »

An offshore company is so called because it must be based in a country different from where it generates its revenue. Consequently, it cannot exercise an economic activity in its country of residence. For example, a French offshore company based in Singapore may do business anywhere in the world, except in Singapore (this prohibition may not apply in specific cases).

An offshore company has many advantages. Among other things it enables assets to be protected by consolidating assets held in several countries under an umbrella offshore holding company so that the legislation of the country where the holding company is established applies to all group assets in the event of death. It is also possible to transfer assets to this offshore company to avoid other issues (such as anticipated confiscation, commercial litigation and other disputes): this is the principle of Asset Protection.

The Advantages of Offshore Companies

  • Offshore companies are based in countries where taxes are low, if not nil, which allows an increase in profits.
  • Choosing an offshore solution allows you to simplify the management of the structure, especially in terms of reporting, which is often reduced.
  • Offshore companies are completely separate legal entities: therefore, the name of the managing director does not appear on any official document, ensuring perfect anonymity.
  • Depending on the destination country, the principle of thin capitalization may not exist, this means that there is no minimum share capital requirement.
  • Having an offshore company incurs much lower operating costs than the rental of premises, the use of accountants, suppliers, IT service providers, etc.

Fidusuisse: Formation and Administration of Offshore Companies

Throughout your project Fidusuisse is by your side and can assist you in your process of incorporating an offshore company online. Which country offers the lowest taxation? What are the requirements for forming a company in the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Gibraltar? What are the accounting requirements in Cyprus? How and in which country should I obtain a VAT number? All the information necessary for your business is available on our website in accessible form, to give you the best tools to succeed.

We can register companies that you can manage independently but we can also offer a company management service. To find out more see our page on Company Management.

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