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Forming a Belgian Company

  • Incorporation time: 4 days
  • Shelf companies: No
  • Accounting: Yes
  • Secretary: Yes
  • Nominee Shareholder: No
  • Nominee director: No
Tax 34%
1 € = 1.35 USD

History of Belgium

Belgium has a population of 11 million and is located to the north of France. It was one of the founding nations of the European Union in which it occupies a key position as home to several European institutions (the Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council). Belgium is a constitutional monarchy and despite its small size is ranked among the 30 strongest economies in the world.

Belgium as an Onshore Financial Services Territory

Belgium taxes its companies at a similar rate to France (which is within the average for developed onshore countries). However, the country is a very popular destination for tax expatriates because there is no wealth tax or capital gains tax. Belgium is therefore a recommended jurisdiction for clients with substantial capital wealth where they may live tax free (though any income will be subject to local taxation).

Types of Belgian Companies

Company formation in Belgium is carried out by an accountant and a notary who draft the articles of association and before whom documents must be signed.

Legal Entity Share Capital Number of Shareholders, Members or Partners
Limited Liability Company (BVBA) 18,550 EUR minimum Minimum of one shareholder, limited liability.
Public limited company (NV) 61,500 EUR minimum Minimum of two shareholders, limited liability.

General partnership (VO)

Not Applicable Minimum two partners. Unlimited liability for debts and obligations, liability is joint and several.

Limited partnership (CV)

Not Applicable Partners are jointly and severally liability for invested capital only.
Cooperative company with unlimited joint liability (SCRIS) No minimum share capital Maximum of three shareholders, joint liability extends to private wealth, no limited liability.
Limited liability cooperative company – SCRL (BVBA/SPRL) 18,550 EUR minimum Maximum of three shareholders, liability limited to share capital

Belgian Incorporation Formalities

Unlike in other countries, Belgium requires a well-defined process to be followed prior to, and as part of, the company incorporation process. The process begins with the preparation of a Business Plan or Financial Projections which are drafted in conjunction with an accountant. This document allows the capital required by the company to be calculated. As well as this document and the company’s constitutional documents companies in formation must open a bank account in order to deposit their share capital. Once these formalities have been completed the documents can be signed before a notary and the company may be registered.

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