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Legislation of Belize

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Trade and Market Information

Goods can be transported to Belize by the 3,000 km of road, only 500 of which are tarmacked. Waterways are mostly shallow and extend to almost 1,000 km. The main ports are those of Belize City, Big Creek, Corozol and Punta Gorda. The country also has four tarmacked airports.

Employment Legislation in Belize

The minimum wage in Belize is 228 EUR per month.

Belize Political Data

As part of the Commonwealth, the Head of State of Belize is the Queen of the United Kingdom who appoints the Governor (Sir Colville Young) to represent her. However, the executive power is actually held by the Prime Minister (Dean Barrow) and the Council of Ministers. For its part, the legislature is bicameral. It is composed of the House of Representatives with its 29 members elected for five years and the Senate and its 8 members.

The two major parties in Belize are the United Democratic Party and the People’s United Party.

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