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The Jurisdiction in detail

Thanks to a diverse economy and strong state intervention, including support for the national banks, France is the country that has best weathered the crisis in the European Union. However, the financial impact of aid to the poorest countries in the EU and an unemployment rate of around 10% are not helping the country to reduce its debts. Growth for 2013 is estimated at 0.4%.

Although a minimal influence on the national GDP, French agriculture is the largest in Europe and the second most productive in the world, just behind the United States. Highly subsidized by the French government and also at the European level, the sector produces mainly wheat, meat, corn and wine (world’s largest producer). In addition, manufacture is an important sector for the country, but the current trend is for relocation, a movement that the Government wishes to reverse, in particular by promoting the ‘made in France’ label.

Its most influential sectors are telecommunications, electronics, automotive, aerospace and arms. Finally, the tertiary sector produces, unsurprisingly, more than 75% of GDP and employs a large part of the workforce. Tourism is a very important part of the French economy: the country is the top global destination, with 75 million tourists annually.

Due to its extensive coastline, France is very open to external trade and is one of the ten largest export powers worldwide. However, its trade balance remains negative, due to a large demand for foreign products, which are generally sold cheaper than those made in France. Moreover, unlike Germany, for example, the goods exported by the country have a low added value.

The advantages of investing :

  • 5th largest global economic power
  • well-maintained infrastructure
  • qualified and very productive workforce
  • strong innovation in the tertiary sector


Weak points :

  • very high tax rate (one of the highest in the world)
  • costly labour
  • poor collaboration between the private and public sectors


In France, a foreign company receives the same aid as a French company in terms of R & D, employment, investment, etc.

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