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The Country

Located at the heart of Europe, Germany is also at the centre of its history, marked by wars, an iron curtain and finally reunification in 1990. Today, the country is at the head of the European Union with the most powerful economy and the largest population. Often compared to France, Germany has special links to its neighbour, with which it founded today’s Europe.

An onshore centre

Although Germany is the country with the most powerful economy in Europe, that does not mean that it is a fiscal destination of reference. However, it has been possible to reduce the tax burden on society thanks to tax optimisation, which it is important to properly master to avoid legal offences.

The various types of companies

Creating a company in Germany requires 9 procedures and 15 days.

Types of companies Capital Number of partners
Limited liability company (GmBH) At least 25,000 EUR No minimum, liability limited to contributions
Public limited company (AG) At least 50,000 EUR No minimum, liability limited to contributions
Partnership (OHG) No minimum share capital At least 2 shareholders, indefinite and several liability
Limited partnership (KG) At least 500 EUR Partners or sleeping partners, unlimited liability for partners, limited for sleeping partners


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