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Taxation in Ireland

  • Incorporation time: 4 days
  • Shelf companies: Yes
  • Accounting: Yes
  • Secretary: Yes
  • Nominee Shareholder: Yes
  • Nominee director: Yes
Tax 12.5%
1 € = 1.35 USD

Ireland’s Tax Rates

Corporation tax is 12.5%, a good rate for Europe set to attract foreign investors. Capital gains are also taxed at 12.5%, and it is possible to deduct losses, transactions between subsidiaries, bad costs, financial costs and depreciation costs.

Value added tax (VAT) in Ireland is 21% with concession rates for certain products (0% – 4.8% – 9% and 13.5% depending on the goods and services). The Irish income tax has two levels:

Personal Income Tax Rate
0 to 36,400 20%
36,401 and above 41%

Irish taxation and customs

Accounting Requirements In Ireland

Irish accounting complies with British SSAPS, WHCR and SBA regulations, which are harmonised with the International Financial Reporting Standards. The annual accounts of the company must contain: a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and appended notes. An audit conducted by a competent person who is not part of the company must be carried out once a year to verify the accounts and ensure they agree with the annual report.

Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Chartered Accountants Ireland

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