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Tax Rates in the Netherlands

The Dutch corporate tax depends on the amount of taxable income. 20% is charged for taxable profit under 200,000 and 25% thereafter. Many items may be deducted for tax purposes, such as the investment made for the creation of the company, rents, royalties, capital losses, pension contributions, bonuses paid to employees and donations.

The Dutch VAT rate is 21% though certain products are taxed at a rate of 6% (such as food, water, medicines, books, etc.).

Personal income tax is tiered as follows:

Personal income (EUR)

Tax rate

0 to 17,319 33.35%
17,320 to 31,122 41.85%
31,123 to 53,064 42%
53,065 and above 52%

In the Netherlands, there is a separate tax regime for persons over 65, who pay the following reduced rates:

Income of individuals 65 and + (EUR)

Tax rate

0 to 17,579 15.75%
17,580 to 31,589 23.50%

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Netherlands Ministry of Finance

Accounting Requirements in the Netherlands

Companies must keep accounts in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and the EU Accounting Regulatory Committee is responsible for supervising their enforcement. Accounts must be published each year and submitted to the trade register. They must contain a balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement and some additional information. All accounts must be audited.

Accounting Regulatory Committee
Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants

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