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Legislation of Seychelles

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Trade and Market Information

As the country comprises several small islands large distribution is virtually non-existent and small shops dominate the retail sector. Nevertheless there are a few supermarkets which were introduced by the Mahé and Casino groups.

Transporting goods in Seychelles may require several methods. The two main islands, Mahé and Praslin, have 400 kilometres of paved roads which, although well maintained, are winding and speed is limited to 80 km/h. Several national airports connect the Islands but travel by helicopters and ferry is also very common. Imports to Seychelles are subject to high taxes which represent a part of the country’s revenue.

Employment Legislation in Seychelles

The minimum wage in Seychelles is around 205 EUR despite a high cost of living.

Seychelles Political Data

Executive power in Seychelles is held by the President (James Michel), who is elected for a five year term. The President appoints the Council of Ministers. The legislature consists of the National Assembly whose 34 members are also elected for a five year term.

The three main political parties in Seychelles are :

  • Seychelles People’s Progressive Party
  • Seychelles’National Party
  • Democratic Party
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