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Company Management

Company management is a service aimed at people who do not wish to manage their business on a daily basis but prefer to delegate the company’s management to a professional provider. Under a contract governed by Swiss law we can manage your company on your instructions, maintaining commercial relationships, dealing with orders, accounting requirements, audit and annual reports.

We can administer any type of company ensuring compliance with the law of the country in question and the legal provisions can be administered by third parties. The benefit of appointing professional managers is that you can have a company without having the stress of day-to-day management.

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Our company Management Services

At Fidusuisse Offshore, as part of a company management service, we can offer you the following:

  • Company formation;
  • Secretarial duties;
  • Managing calls and emails;
  • Dealing with all administrative documents;
  • Assigning a personal adviser to assist you;
  • Opening one or more bank account(s);
  • Appointing a director and shareholders;
  • Managing your company on a daily basis;
  • Bookkeeping and preparing accounts;
  • Paying wages; and,
  • Reviewing documents to ensure compliance with local law.

The Difference Between a Nominee Director and Company Management

Managers are qualified directors belonging to a profession which is regulated by law. They manage the company on a daily basis, are signatories on the account and have an active role in the business. They are liable as a signatory and director of the company. They regularly report to the ultimate beneficiary (the client) and submit the accounts and books of the company to him or her.

Nominee directors delegate all powers to the ultimate beneficiary of the company (the client) by a “General Power of Attorney” and are in no way liable for the management and administration of the company which will be managed in full by the client. Nominee directors have no active role in the business. Some jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and other countries, do not allow nominee directors but do however allow professional management. A contract with the client is necessary in such circumstances.

All of these services are part of our company management services however you can alternatively run your company on a stand-alone basis and manage it independently. Any provision of company management services is provided for under a company management agreement to precisely define our involvement.

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