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Credit Suisse starts to close Russian owned offshore accounts

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It is not exactly a formal notice given to Russian clients holding bank accounts with Credit Suisse to close their accounts but its about the same considering that Credit Suisse has introduced a minimum deposit of five million USD to be able to keep an account with the bank, otherwise the monthly account management fee will be of 1.000 chf – (around 1060 U.S Dollars).

The trend has started last year when Swiss banks has reacted to sanctions against Russia in their own way asking their Russian clients to have a minimum of 3 million usd on their account to avoid being closed down. Thousands of Russian bank accounts owners in Swiss banks has technically been evacuated from the banks with this measure.

Opening of an Offshore account remains to be a constant need for citizens of Russia who legitimately owns assets and are seeking for asset protection particularly in the current situation, alternative solutions exists, the flow of accounts are for years now an factual trend moving from Monaco to Cyprus and Switzerland to Singapore and New Zealand allowing legit clients to finally obtain bank accounts in offshore financial canters.

Fidusuisse offers bank accounts opening in Switzerland and in many other countries such as London, Panama and Hong Kong, and can advise you if you have any troubles with a Swiss bank account

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