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Demystify Fiscal Systems

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Fiscal Paradise: Ad hominem circumstantial

Do economic hells exist?  Is there an underworld of investment?  Maybe we should ask whoever came up with the notion of “fiscal paradise”, considering how easily they can get corrupted.

In certain countries “incorporation only takes two minutes”; the formalities are simplified to a point close to laxity; does that mean to say that the countries where it takes longer to incorporate are investment infernos?

Tax is: “a political instrument; social and economic” at the service of the governing body; which is probably the most powerful body that makes the laws.  The government’s labelling of certain countries as “fiscal paradises” should thus be construed as an element of discrimination.

Who wouldn’t like to pay less taxes

The countries that have more efficient fiscal systems in terms of corporate taxes (called “fiscal paradises” by their competitors) assuredly have the same needs as the European “super collectors”; the fact is that the state has many ways to find money.  And without appearing  to be a proselyte; it is not necessary to be divine to guess what follows next “everyone would like to pay less taxes”; because less taxes = more money; money that can eventually return to the economic circuit in a more constructive way.

No tax hell; no tax paradise

The term “country at the forefront of the fiscal sector” is much less proselyte and more revealing of what is actually taking place because, unless I am mistaken; the majority of States that thought three years ago to:  “take the money” from their citizens rather than leaving it to them (re: Portugal and Greece) are still stuck in an economic slump.


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