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European Fiscal Policy: The Champions of Taxation

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The European Commission has recently published their report on European fiscal policy. Just this once, we will speak to you about the European countries where fiscal policy and taxation is most significant.

European taxation is generally cumbersome and the disparities between countries in the EU are grand,

Here are a few illustrations. On average, within the 27 countries of the EU, the ratio between taxation and GDP is almost 39 %. In Denmark the tax burden is the heaviest at 47.7% and in Lithuania it is the lightest (26%). While in Portugal and France, the tax burden is increasing.

Sweden in the lead for income tax

European fiscal policy, for individual income tax, was on average 38.3% in 2012 and is experiencing an increase compared to 2013. Sweden is in the lead with 56.6%, followed closely by Denmark (55.6% ), Belgium (53.7%) and Portugal (53% ). Much further behind, we find Slovakia, with the lowest income tax rate: 19%

France: champion of corporate and capital taxes

European corporate tax was 23.5% on the average in 2013. French corporate tax is the heaviest at 36.1%. Completing the lead trio: Malta (35%) and Belgium (34% ). In Bulgaria and Cyprus, corporate tax is the lowest at: 10%.

European fiscal policy on capital displays enormous differences between countries. It can vary from 5.5% in Lithuania (the lowest) to 44.4% in France (the highest).


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