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Even M6 promotes Mauritius island: the fiscal paradise that claims less taxes

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For those who find that they are paying far too much in taxes, the French TV program Capital on M6 presented the undeniable advantages of Mauritius in a report broadcast on November 17th. Here are the major points:

Mauritius: an income tax rate of 15%

A resident of Mauritius who earns income from real estate he owns on the island will only be taxed at 15%.

Property and resident taxes do not existent on the island. Six months of residency is sufficient to qualify as Mauritian and to obtain a residence card. Moreover, it is not mandatory to live on the island to take advantage of the many tax benefits it has to offer. The simple act of buying property on the island of Mauritius and renting it allows you to avoid paying taxes on the proceeds in your country of origin.

Company formation and Incorporation in Mauritius is extremely simple!

Another interesting point raised in the M6 report: incorporation in Mauritius is very easy and profitable. There is virtually no language barrier to overcome if you are French because the majority of Mauritians have retained French as their main language. The administrative formalities for businesses have been simplified. Your business on the island of Mauritius will not be  burdened by multiple charges. A flat rate of 15% is claimed once and for all. If you need to hire workmen, the conditions are profitable here as well for wages on the island are very low:  the minimum income on Mauritius is approximately $ 200 per month.

Everyone can benefit from the many advantages proposed by Mauritius. Not only reserved for the very rich, these advantages are designed to benefit the average man.

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