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Expatriation to Switzerland: An Attractive Option for French Companies

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More and more French companies are beginning to consider expatriation to Switzerland. Fed-up with heavy taxes, the number of French firms that decide to settle, totally or in part, on the other side of the Alps has grown over the years.

Switzerland is a good choice for various reasons

There are many reasons to convince French companies to transfer their activity to Switzerland.  First, taxation in Switzerland is much more advantageous than in Europe’s champion of taxation on businesses and capital. Then, lower social charges make a difference, which explains why often the management sections of companies are transferred, while production remains in France. For example, for the monthly wage of an executive earning 8,000 euros, the social charges in Switzerland represent 32% as opposed to 65% in France. Finally, the excellent reputation and the quality label related to Switzerland also provide good incentives.


Swiss expatriation: numbers are on the rise

The growth in the number of French companies installed in Switzerland is exponential.

These companies are mainly small and medium sized enterprises. In 2007, 523 businesses held at least 10% of their capital in Switzerland. Last year, the records showed 611 firms. Since the beginning of this year, already more than 850 companies have re-located to the country.

Among the companies that have recently moved to Switzerland, there is, for example, Florette (salads), Orchestra (children’s clothing) or Sensas (boots) …

So, Switzerland has also become a very attractive destination, not only for individuals, but also for French companies who want to effect cost-savings.


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