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Fiscal Expatriation

Fidusuisse Offshore puts its experience and expertise at your disposal to assist with your fiscal expatriation plans. We can assist with fiscal expatriation in Latvia, Belgium and Switzerland.

Latvia : EU Residence Permit for Investors

On July 1, 2010 amendments to the Immigration Law of Latvia came into effect allowing foreign investors and their family members to obtain a residence permit in Latvia.

To qualify as investor, you must either :

  • Invest in real estate by purchasing a property for a value of minimum EUR143,000; or,
  • Invest into a bank deposit with a minimum investment of EUR300,000 locked for a minimum of five years; or,
  • Invest into a local company in Latvia.

The whole process of getting your residential permit takes around 15 days after providing all information to the local authorities. Our Latvian office can guide you through the steps and meet you at the airport for a complete set up.

Download our brochure about Latvian residence permit here.

Belgium: High Ratio of Assets Versus Income

Belgium is one of the most popular destinations for the expatriation of assets. The country also attracts people who wish to work there but is primarily of interest to those with significant assets. This is because there is no wealth tax, property tax or capital gains tax in Belgium. Income, however, is taxed at 30%, which is why we recommend this country to individuals with a greater ratio of assets to income (typically assets of over EUR1m), business executives and major shareholders. At the same time, the cost of living in Belgium is fairly low compared to the United Kingdom, for example. Real estate is notably much more affordable, even in Brussels, the capital.

For comprehensive information on Belgium and details of its advantageous tax system, see our Belgium fact sheet.

Switzerland: For Clients with High Income

The original tax destination, Switzerland is recommended for persons with a large income. Residents can benefit from lump sum taxation: a fixed tax independent of your income. The country is not really recommended for work, which is why many retirees go there to avoid taxation of their assets and why the country is chosen by many artists and athletes who do not ply their trade there. Currently the country also offers a very advantageous system of inheritance because heirs do not pay any tax on what is bequeathed to them. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the best destination among the many cantons of Switzerland, which each have their own tax system.

You will  find everything you need to know on our site about relocating in Switzerland.

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