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France May Combat Offshore company formation by Blocking websites

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Fight against offshore company formation and tax optimization by forcing Internet providers and hosts to block websites that promote this practice: a proposal found in a report of the French Senate commission. However, this measure is a matter of no consequence since it is directed at a majority of websites offering   offshore company formation that promote perfectly legal practices. Moreover, these sites have been established abroad.

Propose a new laws to fight offshore incorporation…

Most of the websites covered in this report actually promote offshore company formation with the objective to optimize taxation through perfectly legal arrangements, and not in a perspective of tax fraud.  Furthermore, in any case, there does not exist any legal qualification for incitement to tax fraud under French law. The senators propose, therefore, to revise legislation by defining the incitement to tax fraud as an offense, and proclaiming a ban on advertising tax evasion services.  But French criminal law has no jurisdiction on internet sites that are registered abroad, and such a measure would therefore have very little effect in practice.

Yet another unnecessary attack against offshore companies

To tackle Internet sites promoting offshore company formation through legal arrangements, one must condemn the promotion of legal practices

This is a very dangerous precedent to set from a democratic point of view.
Wouldn’t it be more productive for public authorities to make offshore company formation and tax optimization less attractive by reducing the tax burden on its residents, rather than attacking websites that simply inform the public about legally available opportunities to reduce taxation?

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