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France: Tennis Players Jump Over the Fiscal Net

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Tsonga Expatriation fiscal

Not only actors think of leaving France to benefit from a lighter tax rate; Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Guy Forget, Richard Gasquet and even Marion Bartoli now reside in  Switzerland.

A taxing French system

The sportsmen Tsonga and Bartoli explained that they chose Switzerland because they spend most of their time abroad, playing tournaments notably, and that the French tax system is too costly for the short time spent on the national territory.  Tennis woman Marion Bartoli paid 100,000 euros for a stay of 21 days.  “That’s quite a sum for 21 days in France” she declared.  Guy Forget as well, some years ago, justified his fiscal expatriation by adding that he was allowing players to prepare the end of their career. As for Yannick Noah, ancient winner of Roland Garros (1983) and fiscal expatriate in the 90s,  today his fiscal residence is in France and he supports François Hollande’s project of taxation at 75%.

Taxes paid, nonetheless, to France

Just like Gérard Depardieu, even if they move to Belgium or Russia, French tennis players would still be taxed on the income they earned in France, for example, via tournaments or partnerships signed on French soil.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga recently declared to have paid the sum of 230,000 euros of taxes in 2011 for only 47 days spent in France.


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