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Gold: a safe and profitable investment

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Why and how to invest in gold? This question may seem strange and yet, it seems that more and more people see gold as a safe haven in which they can invest. Gold has the same value around the world and today, it remains a safe bet despite the crises.

Gold: a safe and profitable investment

The priority for investors is to not lose money. Gold allows placing his money into a value that generally doesn’t lose value. Except in certain times, gold has always been in progress. The value of gold has similarly increased by almost 500% between 1999 and 2010. Experts agree that an ounce of gold could increase by $ 100 to 150 per year.

The gold market is so flourishing (example: ‘ purchase gold in Switzerland as gold stocks tend to run out. Thus, gold remains a good basis for valuing his heritage. However the difficulty is the storage of gold. Indeed, it is difficult to keep his gold at home. The risks also limit this approach. Furthermore, leave his gold in a safe in a bank is less feasible. Indeed, banks are not ready to take these risks for you, even though they have generally not to know the contents of your safe. Moreover, they have less and less of small chests available.

The best solution is to buy (less impressive as a bar or an ingot) gold coins, but without keeping them at your home. This system is offshore buying. You have gold coins that are already in the banks. They will not go out physically and you’ll obtain deeds of ownership of these parts. These banks can be located in your home country but also in other countries. These specialized banks are mostly located in Switzerland, the USA, the Canada, Singapore or the United Kingdom. You can also very easily via the internet follow the course of gold in Switzerland Francs or elsewhere on different sites specialized in the price of gold.

Why buy and resell Offshore?



The first advantage of owning offshore gold is that you are sure to have a value of gold that corresponds to the market. If you physically move your gold of these banks, it will lose between 4 and 10% of its value at resale. In addition, you take risks when you charging yourself to find buyers. Even Gold resellers take a commission more important that will make you lose a good portion of your investment.

gold price on vente-achat-or.org

The second advantage is that you can buy or sell your gold in any currency: Euros, US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Yen. This allows you to make the economies of exchange charges.

You pay the costs of storage and insurance. But their rates are much less than the management fees charged by the ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

Safes in which your gold is stored are ultra secure. If you want to sell your gold, it is immediate and you will receive your money in two days.

Finally, the gold coins purchased offshore are considered gold-investment and have on their resale a “bonus.” The premium is a lever effect that increases the placement. Some of them may be important.  This premium is equal to the difference between the value of the coin and the value of the gold it contains. This premium can vary from the manufacture of the room (depending on the quality of the workmanship, details), the collection (the quantities produced), conservation (conservation status), geographical location (certain parts such as the sovereigns are most in demand in the United States while in France they are the napoleons).

Buy offshore gold is considered a good investment. Experts believe that everyone should hold today of 10 to 20% of its portfolio or its heritage in physical gold.

Source: Vente-achat-or.org

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