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How to Choose Your Offshore Jurisdiction: Keep the Face!

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There are many things to keep in mind when choosing an Offshore destination. In addition to your company’s sector of activity or the various benefits proposed in terms of taxation, image must also be a determining factor.

Here are some things to take into consideration when making a choice designed to preserve, perhaps even strengthen, your company’s image:

Choose an Offshore destination that is economically and legally stable

The ideal Offshore jurisdiction for your company must have an economic policy that is transparent, a robust economic system, a stable currency without restrictions on the repatriation of investments, low inflation and sound protection by a judicial system that functions independently of the main economic freedoms.

Find the Offshore destination that will strengthen your image with partners and suppliers

The image of an Offshore destination also strongly depends on the countries with which you do business.

For example, Singapore is a jurisdiction which has a very good image on the international front. However if you trade with Italy this will be a destination to avoid. If your business is based in Europe, company formation in an exotic jurisdiction such as Belize or the Seychelles may cause your customers, partners or suppliers to be reluctant in their dealings with you.

What Offshore destination for what image?

In order to assure you that the image of your business is in phase with the image of the Offshore destination that you want to choose, you can consult Google Images.

Enter successively Hong Kong and then the Seychelles. For the first entry the images show a megalopolis with skyscrapers reaching up to infinity, an urban landscape attesting to the dynamism of this city at the cutting-edge of technology, while the other entry shows landscapes made of sand and coconut palms, evoking more of a holiday environment than business.

It’s not difficult to realize which destination corresponds most with the company image you would like to put across.

Your image is important and we know that. The possibilities offered by Offshore are multiple, Cornelian dilemmas abound and quality advice is rare. Do not hesitate to call on our services. Our agents will listen to your needs and assess your situation, so that we will be able to help you make the best possible choice that is most relevant to your interests.

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