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Jérôme Cahuzac and Médiapart: Fiscal Investigation open

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The public prosecutor’s office in Paris has declared that an investigation has just been opened to clarify accusations made against the minister of the budget, Jérôme Cahuzac.  La DNIFF (National Division of  Financial and Fiscal Investigations) is in charge of the dossier.

The real story behind the accusations

Both parties welcomed the opening of the investigation, particularly by the minister of the budget, who has not ceased to claim his innocence since the beginning of the controversy.  The government is also satisfied with the decision of the public prosecutor’s office, and has declared :  “This action will reveal, as he [Jérôme Cahuzac] has always claimed, his complete innocence with regard to the absurd accusations of which he is the object”.

Tax fraud, money laundering

This is what the budget minister is accused of since early December on the  Médiapart website,.  The site bases its accusations on recordings of Jérôme Cahuzac conversations. From his side, Cahuzac has always denied these statements and is suing for libel.  The affair is still open and should allow us to know whether or not Mr Cahuzac had illegally opened a bank account in Switzerland before transferring funds to Singapore in 2010.

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