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Moving abroad is easier if you have the money

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In this period of economic crisis, several governments are intensifying their efforts to attract foreign capital by facilitating the process of moving abroad for those who have a little money set aside.

Immigrate to Malta:  Maltese nationality available for 650,000 euros

If you want to immigrate to Malta, it is possible today to obtain the Maltese nationality for the sum of 650,000 euros.

To attract more fortunate individuals and thus enrich the treasury, the Maltese government has enacted a law allowing anyone to become a Maltese citizen in exchange for a substantial sum of money. Purchasing the Maltese nationality offers the possibility to live and work on the territory of the island state and benefit from the low taxation and membership in the Schengen area. It also provides European citizenship, if this is not already the case, and access to hundreds of countries without the need for a visa …

Other European states try to attract capital by seducing those who wish to move abroad

For example, Spain is planning to offer residency permits to any foreigner who would be willing to pay more than 160,000 euros for a home.

In the same vein, Great Britain has facilitated the obtention of a visa for those who have more than $1 million available to invest in the country.

And finally, Cyprus, after having lost more than 3 million euros in the framework of the European restructuring plan, now intends to propose a passport to foreigners.

If the trend continues, immigration visas may end up being a dime-a-dozen.

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