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Offshore Bank Account: The Essential Services

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An offshore bank account is an indispensable element in the activity of an offshore company. This account is used to receive incoming payments from your customers and partners. You must have free access the funds that are available there.

Your offshore bank account offers a variety of services that you will certainly appreciate.

Multicurrency Offshore bank accounts 

A multicurrency offshore bank account is capable of accommodating all of the world’s currencies. The advantage lies in the fact that through this single account you can send and receive foreign currency without having to pay exchange fees.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express or anonymous

Use your international payment card with your offshore bank account to make payments and withdrawals. Ceilings are defined according to the product chosen. If your Offshore company works with a bank in Switzerland, you can get an anonymous credit card. The advantage is that no name appears on this card. In this way, you can buy and pay without leaving a trace.

Access by Internet Banking

You can consult and manage your offshore banking account by Internet. The practicable operations are numerous and instantaneous.

Internet Merchant Accounts

If you offer online purchase of products or services, your offshore bank account gives you the possibility to have secure online payment solutions.

If your sales do not only take place on the Internet and your customers usually pay by credit card, you will also need a virtual terminal.

Irrevocable letters of credit

Do your customers give you letters of credit or do you have occasion to request the issue of documentary credits? It will be necessary for your account to authorize the issuance and receipt of letters of credit on presentation of documents.

Fidusuisse has selected its partner banks in order to offer you the opportunity to benefit from these services. We’ll show you, most often from a distance, the necessary steps to open your offshore banking account to benefit from the associated services in many jurisdictions.

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