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Polish Company Formation, Best Investor Opportunity

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Polish company formation is an excellent business opportunity.  Generally, the 2 main reasons for incorporating a business abroad are to develop new markets and/or reduce costs. Poland responds exceptionally well to both points.

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Poland offers a favorable reception to entrepreneurs.

A simple illustration: Poland came out on top in a study conducted by the World Bank of 185 countries that have most improved their business climate. “Doing Business 2013”  

It must be said that Poland has made a lot of efforts recently: simplifying registration, reducing taxes, consolidating contracts, organizing bankruptcies …

In addition to these benefits, incorporating in Poland allows one to take advantage of a favorable taxation, low labor costs and a strategic location since the country has a coastline on the Baltic Sea conductive to international trade.

Patience is a virtue

Even if incorporating in Poland is increasingly rewarding, the process of registration requires a lot of patience since it must go through 6 different stages. Fidusuisse estimates the registration delay in Poland to amount to 32 days.

The most widespread company structure in Poland is the Limited Liability Company. The minimum capital is 100,000 PLN (Polish Zloty) which equals approximately 2,300 euros.

So, a company in Poland may allow you to take advantage of many benefits. It will be necessary however, to get an early start to make up for long delays in registration.


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