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Shareholder Nominee or Holding Company?

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The choice of the shareholder nominee in an Offshore company to hold the shares of that company is preceded by a fundamental question:  “Should the shares be held by a shareholder nominee or by a holding company that belongs to you” 

The shareholder nominee offers the anonymity of shareholders, but if he has too many companies and if your customers are watching, this might not be in your favor.

When you use a shareholder nominee who also owns several hundred companies, you can expect that your customers or suppliers might just begin to ask questions. . .

Preserve the image of your business

If image is important to you, do not choose a shareholder nominee because you will not be able to explain how Mr. Nominated already owns 500 companies. It would be better to set up a Holding Company to hold the shares.

In this way, on verifying your list of shareholders, we find only a mere holding company that holds a single society. The operation is more discreet, simpler.

How much does a shareholder nominee cost as opposed to a Holding Company?

It would most certainly be less expensive to have recourse to a shareholder nominee. A holding company costs more or less 1500 Euros more because it requires the incorporation of an independent company, but you will win in reputation and quality of the setup.


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