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The Simplicity of Administration for Offshore Companies in Hong Kong

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Legislation is extremely favorable for an offshore company in Hong Kong, which partly explains why this destination has become so attractive to foreign investors. The delay for obtaining a Business License and a professional bank account are short, and the costs of company formation are negligible. Furthermore, once your Offshore company in Hong Kong has been set up, the administrative obligations that you must observe are few. Indeed, there are only two, but they must not be neglected under penalty of sanctions.

1. Have an official secretary based in Hong Kong

Hong Kong laws require you to have an official secretary based in Hong Kong. To meet this obligation, two solutions are possible. The secretary may obviously be a Hong Kong resident, but you could also call on the services of a company installed in Hong Kong. The role of the secretary is to keep the statutes up-to-date: submit the duly completed annual return to the Company Registry along with the requested documents, and maintain a current list of shareholders and directors.

2. Have a registered address on the territory 

The second administrative obligation for your Offshore company in Hong Kong is that it must possess and maintain a registered address on the territory. The address under which you register your Offshore company in Hong Kong will be the same one used to communicate with your bank and the administration.
In our opinion, Hong Kong is one of the most attractive offshore jurisdictions Fidusuisse Offshore accompanies you at every stage in the formation and development of your Offshore company in Hong Kong. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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