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United Kingdom: The Legal Obligations of a Limited Company

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Setting up a Limited Company (LTD) in the United Kingdom is a solution that offers rewards right from the start. Preliminary expenses are low, there is no minimum paid up capital requirement and there is no personal responsibility for the debts of the business … in short, it’s a solution that deserves your special attention.

The United Kingdom: why not?

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s oldest constitutional monarchies. London, the capital, is a prominent and most influential financial center. Moreover, the seventh world power has many overseas territories from the period of colonization that still operate under Common Law and offer particularly low management fees. You can expect to pay a tax to 3% due to the Agency Agreement.

The main advantages of a Limited Company are the flexibility and speed of company formation. There is no social capital to provide, registration does not cost much and the delay is short, administrative management is simple and the rules are flexible. In addition, a Limited Company allows investors or shareholders to enter at any time.  It can be held by natural persons and/or legal entities. To optimize taxation, under the Agency Agreement an offshore company could control up to 95% of the company’s revenue.

Pay attention, however . . .

If you form a Limited Company, you will need to show  that it is properly domiciled. Tax services from the exterior, not those of the United Kingdom, may try to create problems.  To answer them, you will need to prove that your company is indeed managed in the United Kingdom and that that is where it has its economic interests. Unfortunately this is often one of the points that is often obscure.

The Limited Company: a popular structure

Because of all the advantages mentioned above, the Limited Company remains the most popular business structure in the United Kingdom. But according to the circumstances, other types of companies can be implemented. Call our services so that we can examine together which business structure best suits your needs.


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