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Virtual Office

Fidusuisse Offshore offer a virtual office service which allows you to demonstrate real credibility, allowing you to conduct your offshore company’s business in the most effective way.

Our Virtual Office Offers

The Importance of a Virtual Office

When you form an offshore company it is essential to have a phone number in your destination country. This provides real credibility and promotes confidence in your business transactions with your clients. Fidusuisse Offshore can provide you with a telephone number for any country in the world so you can benefit from the following:
  • Your customers can contact you on a local number in your company’s* country
  • You can contact your customers or suppliers from a local number adding credibility to your company.
  • The flexibility of being contactable at all times by telephone or fax.

Contact us to Order a Virtual Office

*It is important to have a telephone number with the country code of the country where your company is based. For example, + 852 for Hong Kong, + 357 for Cyprus etc.). This is because it would appear inconsistent for a company registered in London or the Seychelles to have a Swiss number (for example). This would immediately raise questions about the company’s lack of economic reality and could be seen by a tax authority as a company having no registered office or genuine presence in the country of registration.

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