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Wealth Tax: Nothing to Pay in Germany and England

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A controversial subject and one that is difficult to apprehend, a tax on wealth has always been a favorite target of public authorities when it comes to “finding more money”, and it continues to be so. In light of the recent economic difficulties, affluence, once again, has been called upon for its contribution, justified by the sacrosanct principle of solidarity: the contribution of those who have or earn more should be commensurate with what they have … (except if they decide to leave) . . .

Wealth tax = tax increase? Not necessarily

The report on Taxation Trends in the European Union weighs the findings to conclude: that outside the brilliant coup by French president, Francois Holland concerning the exceptional contribution of 75%, fortunes have been left intact. In Germany and England for example no taxes are levied on wealth.

London: good habits remain

London remains at the forefront in matters of taxation: shale gas (read the article on shale gas); optimal taxation for wealth; which leads one to believe that the United Kingdom has a real culture of “peaceful tax “. This is indeed an asset, especially as the trend will soon lean towards absolving the taxpayers of the tax burden, once and for all.

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