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Why Create an Offshore Company in 2013?

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Although Offshore companies are on the firing line these days, it is surprisingly more than ever a good time to go into business using an offshore company, and we’ll tell you why!

7 Reasons to incorporate Offshore:

– Incorporating Offshore allows you to work at an international level with an image that corresponds to that of your business and benefit from the best financial platforms in the world
– Incorporating Offshore allows you to retain your anonymity through a Nominee Director.
– Incorporating Offshore is for everyone with small or large businesses. It is particularly suited to Consultants, Freelancers, independent workers, salesmen, and e-commerce.
– Incorporating Offshore does not promote tax evasion, on the contrary, it permits the rapid development of a company by optimizing its capacity for self-financing.
– Incorporating Offshore can be a way of not having to put down a minimum share capital.
– Incorporating Offshore is economical and easy to manage, if need be we can manage the company for you.
– Incorporating Offshore is fast and easy, in 2 weeks your company is operational.

Non-residence offers the tax advantage of an offshore company

The act of living outside the country where your company is constituted confers the status of non-resident and opens access to tax benefits that can change the future of your company. Not all jurisdictions have a tropical image.  The popular new jurisdictions are oriented more toward jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, London or even Gibraltar.


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