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Your company in Canada: a very good Offshore destination

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A relatively recent Offshore destination, Canada offers many business advantages without any apparent inconveniences, making it a prime place to create an Offshore company. This north American country has a number of natural resources at its disposition, a stable economy and state of the art technology. One word of caution however, Canada is composed of different provinces, each one subject to its own judicial framework. Only two of these provinces offer Offshore features with a tax rate of 5%.

A company in Canada : a favourable place for business

Create a company in Canada takes advantage of the country’s excellent image and very good reputation, far away indeed from the stereotypes of tropical Offshore destinations. Moreover, Canada has very strict commercial relations and has established treaties with their neighbour : the United States. This presents an advantage for your company if you trade with the United States. Finally,

A company in Canada offers you the possibility to remain anonymous by entrusting the confidential management of your Offshore company to a nominated director.

Low tax rates and a large choice of company structures

Offshore companies in Canada have limited liability and are presented under a number of forms: nominee companies (CNC), sales agent, resident, non-resident… It is not even necessary to put down a minimum amount of capital in order to create your company in Canada. Therefore, the possibilities are numerous.
Moreover, if you choose to establish an Extra-Provincial Corporation (EPC), you will not be taxed on the activities it conducts outside of Canada. Depending on the province, you could obtain a tax rate less than 5%.
The creation of an Offshore company in Canada is quick and simple, without any restriction concerning the nationality of its shareholders.
In conclusion : Excellent image + solid economy + very low tax rates + confidentiality + simple to create = a very attractive Offshore destination !

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