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Offshore Property

The question of offshore property becomes most relevant when considering inheritance protection, successions, tax reductions, and similar concerns. Many clients would also like to know which is the best method in order to secure financing using a property asset.

Mortgage refinancing makes it possible to:

  • Help your children by making them a donation;
  • Pass on your estate during your life;
  • Free cash;
  • Release capital to invest;
  • Transform property into cash flow;
  • Purchase shares in a company; and,
  • Pay cash adjustments;.

Fidusuisse can help you obtain different types of financing by introducing you to our banking partners or credit institutions. We can particularly help in the following situations:

1 – You have a property and want to obtain financing

Provided the property has a face value of at least 1,000,000 EUR we suggest you consider financing 50% to 70% of this amount. Financing may be issued in the form of a line of credit, direct funding, a bullet loan, or on a case by case basis. This financing must be used either to finance the purchase of a new property, or for business cash flow needs.

2 – You are considering estate planning, and want to refinance your assets

Provided the assets in question have a value of at least 1,000,000 EUR we suggest that a company based in Luxembourg buy your assets and thereby obtain bank financing.

3 – You have a property that is currently mortgaged and want to refinance the property or obtain additional funding.

We can study the benefits of a full credit buyback, or of a property-backed funding. Property must be located in a dynamic region or canton where constant demand adds value on the property market.

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